Our Story


Our Story

Flower Power Essences began 23 years ago with the hopes of bringing balance and peace into individuals' lives. It began as a small, independent business in Torrance, California and has now grown into the wellness center, Somos Life. At Somos Life, we offer flower essences as well as a variety of alternative and holistic therapies to heal the whole person. We are committed to helping on the individual, neighborhood, and global community level to grow collectively to a higher state of health and consciousness.  



Mariana Ito, founder of Flower Power and Somos Life, wanted to give people a space where they can learn the science of self healing. Mariana was introduced to flower essences in Chile, where essences are easily found in corner pharmacies and in many homes. Flower essences have helped her maintain an emotional balance with a clear perspective on life.

She is currently the only U.S. distributor of Chilean Flower Essences. She is also the co-founder of El Mundo de lo Natural in Chile and represents FES of California, Healing Herbs, and also imports and distributes Saint Germain Essences of Brazil.  


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