Abrazo de papa / Father's Hug

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A Father's Hug Flower Essence connects us with the masculine essence, allowing us to work with the different father figures in life. This essence works well for both men and women, allowing us to forgive and reconcile with our yang. It helps one to become better fathers, sons, and grandsons. A Father's Hug works for issues dealing with reconciliation, recognition, paternity, forgiveness, and insecurity.  



Formula para restablecer el vínculo paterno, permitiendo trabajar el anciano sabio que hay en nosotros. Trabaja la energia masculina tanto en el hombre como en la mujer. Beneficios, inseguridad, resentimiento y heridas por carencia paterna. Beneficios, reconciliación machismo baja auto estima ,falta de poder, reconocimiento, Paternidad, perdon, y seguridad.