Palo Santos Body Wash

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Renew and refresh your spirits with Palo Santo Body Wash, a Natural Soap infused with Flower Essences (Avellano, Milenrama Blaca, Milenrama Rosada, Walnut, Leuceria and Radiata) and Essenial Oils. Palo Santo, the sacred tree that grows on the central coast of South America, has been used for centuries by ancient cultures for cleansing, clearing and healing. Palo Santo Body Wash enhances a sense of tranquility, relaxation and calmness.

Avellano- This flower essence helps with deep desperation, anguish and repetitive thoughts. It promotes cleansing, balance and tranquil disposition.

Milenrama Blanca - Helps those who are exposed to different radiation therapies and who are vulnerable to influence. It encourages protection, sincerity, authenticity and cleansing.

Milenrama Rosada - Aids those that are hypersensitive and vulnerable. It works on those that take other people's problems. It encourages protection, self care, boundaries an firmness.

Walnut- Helps with making healthy transitions in life, inner strength to follow one's own path 

Leuceria- Helps to create a mantle of protection and knowledge, keeping negativity away. it helps to promote calmness, peace, abundance and protection. 

Radiata- This essence helps to clear blockages and assists physical and mental weakness. Its is a high vibration essence that aids in expulsion and purification.