We simply seek to change lives.



We are committed to helping you begin, continue, and expand your physical and emotional healing journey through holistic therapies with professional healers and informative classes designed to foster personal changes in your life at home.We simply seek to change lives.



We believe that all illnesses are highly influenced by vibrational conflicts that exist between the mind and soul. If the two states of being are unbalanced, the lack of harmony results in an unhealthy body. As vibrational beings, our illnesses and disabilities can only truly be healed with vibrational remedies.



Our goal is to provide a safe space intended for health and wellness for all bodies and beings, regardless of age, race, gender, etc. The idea is to work together - teacher and student alike - to discover better ways and create truer answers to perfecting the art of personal growth

Mariana Ito., founder of The SOMOS LIFE , is one of leading teachers and experts in her field. She conducts workshops and teacher trainings nationally and internationally.

From a very young age, Mariana knew her purpose in life was to help people. Mariana began her spiritual journey at the age of 7 when her older sister introduced her to a meditation group that would open her to the world of metaphysics and naturopathy. Here she would learn the importance of learning and connecting with your true self and she committed to learn more even as her family moved around the world. With moving between 4 countries by the time she was 12, Mariana lacked a sense of a physical home but always found her home within her own soul.

At the age of 22 she rented skis from a man on a family trip in Southern California that would later become her husband. They would soon begin their family of 6 and she would work as a flight attendant while starting her flower essence practice in her home. Working at an airline gave her many opportunities to take courses from healers around the world and earn numerous certificates. Now, having an extensive list of credentials, she has been practicing holistic therapies for 23 years in the south bay.

Mariana opened Somos to give people a space where they can learn the science of self healing. It is each persons' responsibility to discover their own workings of the mind, body and soul and how to manage it. At Somos, we want to give you the tools to create a healthy lifestyle so your whole being may function at its optimal level.

  • I have been coming to Mariana for years! Seeing her has made a dramatic difference in my overall being and life. She is a true healer and one of the best in her field. -Laura K., TORRANCE

  • My body has gone through major transformation thanks to biomagnetic therapy. I used to have horrible digestive issues, low energy and stress. After trying a few sessions I feel like a new person. I love that I used zero harmful substances and do not have to take any medication. I highly recommend trying out this totally natural, non invasive therapy! -David S. , Palos Verdes

  • I had never heard of flower essences until I met Mariana. After using them for over 10 years now, I can't imagine life without them. Mari can always concoct the perfect blends of essences tailored specifically to my needs. She's a lifesaver! -Claudia F, Palos Verdes

  • The yoga teachers here are awesome! Very knowledgeable and always have great classes prepared, no matter the style. They give more than just a workout, they also give insight on how to continue your spiritual growth through yoga practice. -Katie S, Redondo Beach

  • The power of flower essences is truly amazing. So many of our physical problems stem from psychological issues we might not even be aware of. Mariana is extremely experienced in asking the right questions to find the root issue and guide you to live a more balanced life. The flower essences are incredible aids but you must be willing to put in your own work towards personal growth. -Jo R, Palos Verdes